2012 - 2015

TYPO3 Flow and Neos Documentations have moved


In the effort to separate Neos and Flow development from TYPO3 CMS, the official TYPO3 Neos Documentation and TYPO3 Flow Documentation have moved to a new place. Old links get redirected.

TYPO3 Surf


The official TYPO3 Surf documentation got added to docs.typo3.org.

PDF rendering


The official documentation has been made available in PDF format. The current version can always be downloaded using the "PDF" link in the menu of the according documentation project.

New: "What's new?" page


Now there's a "What's new page?" at docs.typo3.org that keeps you informed about proceedings in content and layout.



In the menu it's now "API" instead of "Api" and "TypoScript" instead of "Typoscript".

Fixed flyout menu at the left


An additional flyout menu with links to anchors within the current page is now constantly available from a fixed position at the left border of the browser window. Example: Hover over the outlined area at the left of the browser window.

One central file for the main menu


The top menu is now loaded from a single javascript file which is common to all pages and can be changed easily. Existing manuals don't need to be rerendered to have an up to date menu.

Automatic "shrink to fit" for images


This post has a first info. More documentation is in preparation.

  1. Watch for example this page.

  2. Select "adaptive" layout.

  3. Resize the width of your browser window.

How to make small screenshots look nice


first info and comments, example

Updated recommendation: Do use class "screenshot-detail", do not use "screenshot-fullsize".