Only major changes will be documented here. For all changes, see commit messages in respective GitHub repositories.

New Chapters for "TYPO3 Explained"


Several new chapters were added to "TYPO3 Explained" - Excerpt:

API Overview:

  • Request Handling (PSR-15 / Middlewares)

  • t3coreapi:routing

  • t3coreapi:seo

  • t3coreapi:config-overview

  • t3coreapi:flexforms

  • t3coreapi:yaml-api

Extension Development:

  • t3coreapi:composer-json

  • t3coreapi:publish-extension

New Chapters for Extbase / Fluid Book


Some documentation that was missing but is required for developer certification version 9 was added.

Deprecation of Extbase / Fluid Guide


The "TYPO3 Extbase & Fluid Guide" is being deprecated and will soon be deleted.

Please use one of the following resources for information about Extbase / Fluid and extension programming in general.

  • There is an overview page with resources for developers in the Getting Started Tutorial.

  • On that same page, there is a section "Fluid / Extbase".

The "Extbase / Fluid Guide" still contains the manually maintained Fluid ViewHelper reference for TYPO3 8.7 and 6.2.

You can find links to all available ViewHelper references on the References page.

The reasons for deprecation:

  • The "Extbase / Fluid Guide" had not been properly maintained and updated for a while

  • Several unresolved issues

  • Having a duplicate guide in addition to the "book" has been confusing people

  • The current guide had not been a complete walkthrough and was missing some parts

Plan for deprecation:

  1. phase 1: deprecation notice on every page

  2. phase 2: remove and redirect (except ViewHelper reference for 6.2. and 8.7)

  3. phase 3: removal all (ViewHelper refs will be redirected to automatically generated)

docs.typo3.org Gets New Infrastructure


The documentation server docs.typo3.org moved to a new infrastructure. Read more ....

Extension authors must migrate their documentation:

Improvements for new TYPO3 users

2019-05-09 by Sybille Peters

Some more changes were made to make it easier for people new to TYPO3 to find their way around the documentation:

  • The tips on the start page used to address advanced documentation contribution. This has now been moved to start and more basic tips about TYPO3 and the documentation added, see start page. This includes for example a link to the help page on typo3.org.


Tips on start page

Thanks goes to Sybille Peters

"Getting Started Tutorial" updated for TYPO3 9.5

2019-05-09 by Sybille Peters

The TYPO3 - Getting Started Tutorial was updated for TYPO3 9.5.

Additionally, some more improvements were made:

  • Language improvements for better readability

  • Updated information in Next steps and added YouTube videos

  • Formatting for better readability: Sections headlines, bold formatting, lists

  • Drop-shadow for images

Thanks goes to Sybille Peters and Tom Warwick.

Improvements for Documentation Contributors

2019-03-08 by Sybille Peters

If you are not yet familiar with contributing to the documentation at all, we suggest you read the TYPO3 blog article Start Improving Docs Now to Grow TYPO3 for an excellent introduction.

Meanwhile, we discovered that some information about contributing was missing and parts of the information was spread out in too many places. This made it difficult for a contributor to find things or find out which of the information was relevant and up to date.

Because of this, we made several improvements.

These include additional chapters to the manual start to help you get started, such as:

You can start right away and learn as you go along, but if you are looking for guidelines and best practices, we created an entire chapter Documentation content style guide for that. This includes:

We reduced duplicate information and try to link to one single entry point.

We also made some minor changes to make it easier for you to find things, like:

  • The channel topic for #typo3-documentation now contains the date of the next Slack call.

TYPO3 Slack call information

#typo3-documentation channel topic

  • All repositories of main manuals now contain a CONTRIBUTING file. GitHub automatically displays a link to this, if you open a new issue or go to the issues tab as new contributor.


Link to CONTRIBUTING for GitHub repository "TYPO3 Explained"

  • We introduced the label "good first issue". This can be assigned to issues which are not very complex and can be solved by new contributors.

  • All main manuals now contain a README.rst with a link to the rendered documentation.

We hope that these changes will prove useful to you. There is still lots to do. If you have additional suggestions, don't hesitate to write an issue or make the changes yourself.

Or tell us what works for you and what doesn't on Slack.

NEW: Documentation of Locking API

2019-03-08 by Sybille Peters

A chapter on the t3coreapi:locking-api is now available in "TYPO3 Explained". This chapter has been written by Sybille Peters and reviewed by Markus Klein.

You may have never been aware of the locking API because it works under the hood in the TYPO3 core.

If you develop an extension and use the t3coreapi:caching or have other issues where concurrent access to a resource must be prevented, you should check it out.

As always, you can help to improve the documentation: Create an issue or click the "Edit me on GitHub" button on the top right of any page. Read Contribute to the TYPO3 documentation in "Writing Documentation" to find out more.

NEW: Documentation for rte_ckeditor

2019-02-14 by Sybille Peters

A teaser screenshot

Integration of CKEditor was introduced with TYPO3 8 LTS in the system extension rte_ckeditor, thus replacing the previously used "HtmlArea".

Finally, documentation for this system extension was added to the core and is available to be read online.

Thanks goes to Benni Mack for writing the initial version of the documentation, Sybille Peters for converting to reStructuredText and adding additional chapters and Josef Glatz for further enhancing it.

The community is invited to participate in enhancing it: