Become a TYPO3 Documentation Team member

2018-03-28 by Martin Bless

We are about to re-establish regular, monthly online meetings of the TYPO3 Documentation Team. Please consider becoming a team member. This means: You are willing to participate in the monthly meetings and you are willing to take over a task or another on a regular and not just random basis. You have that feeling? Great! Please get yourself a Slack invite, if you haven't yet, and let us know in the #typo3-documentation channel.

And please, participate in this Doodle and vote for date and time of the first meeting. To just join the meeting you don't need to become a member or vote. Meetings are always open for guests.

Please vote: https://doodle.com/poll/yk89nh4qk4kc3cii

First possible dates are in the range of April 12-16, 2018.

Teaser image of the Doodle survey

HELP: My extension documentation was rendered with the OLD layout!

2018-02-13 by Martin Bless

That is actually a good sign. Why? Read on!

Shortly after an extension upload to the TER the documentation server will render the documentation that (hopefully!) comes with that version. BUT: At the moment this automatic rendering process still uses the old layout. Unfortunately the current server is very old and can't run the new toolchain. And we haven't managed to switch everything to a new server yet. That is why you initially may feel you've done something wrong because that outdated layout is used. At the moment I'm running the new toolchain manually "every now and then" from my local machine. In general that should happen at least once a day. The plan is, of course, to set up a fully automated process for that. But we can't foresee at the moment when exactly that will be.

What does this mean? If you see your documentation in the old layout that actually is a good sign. It proofs that the documentation can be found and rendered. Just stay calm and patient until the new layout appears. That's the only thing you need to do.

Easy - you can do it!

New manual: "Tell me something about topic X"

2018-02-02 by Martin Bless

Often questions are centered around topics: How does TYPO3 caching work? How can I improve performance? How to use composer with TYPO3? And often answers are given in blogpostings, slides, videos and so on.

The new manual is the dedicated spot to list and collect those topics. And it's up to you and everybody in the community to come up with explanations, helpful texts and links.

Can we make that manual a success? Yes, we can! Everybody is counting on YOU!

Document restructurings

2018-01-20 by Christian Kuhn

Next to many contributors fixing various documentation parts, we're currently in a bigger restructuring process of main manuals: Various documents are merged into one, the Homepage gets some love to find stuff quicker and other good stuff.

Stay tuned!

Youtube Tutorial - Contribute to docs.typo3.org

2018-01-19 by Mathias Schreiber