Documentation build

Files in the build folder

Files in the build folder
File Purpose Description
warnings.txt log Watch this file: Contains errors and warnings collected during the build process. A length of zero indicates a perfect result.
request_rebuild.php config Click this file to request a rebuild.
REBUILD_REQUESTED config Indicates that a rebuild is pending. The cron job is running every five minutes. control A checksum of the Documentation part. Needs to change for rendering to occur. config Is almost generic and all manuals almost have the same Only the line t3DocTeam['relpath_to_master_doc'] = '...' needs to be adapted.
Make config The makefile for the sphinx build process.
10_conf_py.yml log The initial Sphinx settings taken from internal presets and the file.
20_GlobalSettings.yml log The global settings we provide as a default for all manuals.
30_Settings.yml log The settings that belong to the respective manual.
10+20_conf_py.yml log The combined result of 10 + 20
10+20+30_conf_py.yml log The combined result of 10 + 20 + 30: These are the final settings that are effective in the end.
dirs-of-last-build.txt log Just a logfile. For your and admin's information only.

The log files in the build folder exist for manual inspection only and can be removed at any time.