.. include:: /Includes.rst.txt ================================================================================================ Breaking: #80412 - New shared content element TypoScript library object for Fluid Styled Content ================================================================================================ See :issue:`80412` Description =========== To solve an inconsistency issue for API based content element registration between CSS Styled Content (CSC) and Fluid Styled Content (FSC) through `Extbase` or :php:`addPItoST43` we are now introducing a new shared content object for content elements and drop the active usage of :typoscript:`lib.fluidContent`. The generated code relied on the existence of the removed :typoscript:`lib.stdheader` and also ignored layouts, frames, spacebefore, spaceafter in context of Fluid Styled Content. For content element registration the TypoScript :typoscript:`lib.contentElement` is now used for `CSC` and `FSC` and replaces the usage of :typoscript:`lib.fluidContent`. The generated code was slightly adjusted to match the requirements of all content rendering definitions and can be adapted to the specific needs of a content element rendering definition anytime since a reference is used now instead of a hard definition. Generated code before change ---------------------------- .. code-block:: typoscript tt_content.myce = COA tt_content.myce { 10 =< lib.stdheader 20 =< plugin.myContent } Generated code after change --------------------------- .. code-block:: typoscript tt_content.myce =< lib.contentElement tt_content.myce { templateName = Generic 20 =< plugin.myContent } CSS Styled Content ------------------ CSS Styled Content adds the missing :typoscript:`lib.stdheader` and everything works as before, no migration or adjustments to your code necessary. Because :typoscript:`COA` does not understand the option :typoscript:`templateName` it will simply be ignored. .. code-block:: typoscript lib.contentElement = COA lib.contentElement { 10 =< lib.stdheader } Fluid Styled Content -------------------- Fluid Styled Content adds the logic it needs through :typoscript:`lib.contentElement`. All content elements registered through the TYPO3 APIs will now share a multifunctional `Generic` template. That will provide the necessary layouts and overriding options known from FSC. .. code-block:: typoscript lib.contentElement = FLUIDTEMPLATE lib.contentElement { templateRootPaths { 0 = EXT:fluid_styled_content/Resources/Private/Templates/ 10 = {$styles.templates.templateRootPath} } partialRootPaths { 0 = EXT:fluid_styled_content/Resources/Private/Partials/ 10 = {$styles.templates.partialRootPath} } layoutRootPaths { 0 = EXT:fluid_styled_content/Resources/Private/Layouts/ 10 = {$styles.templates.layoutRootPath} } ... } .. code-block:: html This templates is used to provide necessary functionality for external processed content and could be used across multiple sources, for example the frontend login content element. {content -> f:format.raw()} The TypoScript object :typoscript:`lib.fluidContent` will be kept as copy of :typoscript:`lib.contentElement` for compatibility for the duration of TYPO3 v8 LTS and will be removed in TYPO3 v9. Impact ====== Assignments and overrides made directly to :typoscript:`lib.fluidContent` are not recognized anymore for core content elements provided by Fluid Styled Content. They need to be migrated to :typoscript:`lib.contentElement`. Only not modified versions of :typoscript:`lib.fluidContent` will keep working as expected. Affected Installations ====================== Installations that directly modify :typoscript:`lib.fluidContent`. Migration ========= Rename assignments and modifications to :typoscript:`lib.contentElement`. .. index:: Fluid, Frontend, TypoScript, ext:fluid_styled_content