Breaking: #92206 - Remove workspace swapping of elements

See Issue #92206


When using workspaces, putting modified content into the live workspace has two functionality:

1. Publishing Content is replaced with the live version, and the current live version is removed.

2. Swapping Content is switched (swapped) with the live version, making the current live version the previously versioned content.

Especially when doing

  • partial swapping
  • multiple swapping
  • swapping newly created content

TYPO3 will leave the workspace in an inconsistent state.

The swapping mechanism was therefore removed, leaving “Publishing” the only option to select for editors to push content from a workspace into the live website.


The database field and TCA option sys_workspace.swap_modes is removed.

The Workspace module only shows the “Publish” option anymore, as “Swap” is removed.

The auto-publishing feature now always publishes instead of optionally swaps content.

Affected Installations

TYPO3 installations which use workspaces with the swapping option activated.


All draft content is using the publishing mechanism, whereas there is no migration needed.