Deprecation: #82669 - Streamline Backend route path inconsistencies

See Issue #82669


When registering Backend modules, it is already possible to define a custom route path, via the path option in the module configuration section within ext_tables.php .

Backend Routes to modules without path configurations are now named “/module/main-module-name/submodule-name” e.g. “/module/web/ts”.

Old route paths for modules are called “/web/ts/” will still work but are discouraged to use.


Creating modules without a defined “path” option will now have two path routes available to be resolved, whereas the old path will be removed in TYPO3 v10.0.

Affected Installations

Any installation using TYPO3 Backend Links via buildUriFromRoutePath() in custom extensions.


TYPO3 Backend Links via buildUriFromRoutePath() should be used with the new module name as described above.