Deprecation: #88406 - setCacheHash/noCacheHash options in ViewHelpers and UriBuilder

See Issue #88406


Various Fluid ViewHelpers regarding linking have arguments similar to which are not evaluated anymore: - useCacheHash - noCacheHash

Extbase’s UriBuilder has the following options that have no effect anymore since the Site Handling concept automatically detects when to a cHash argument is necessary.

  • UriBuilder->setUseCacheHash()
  • UriBuilder->getUseCacheHash()


Calling the UriBuilder methods will trigger a deprecation message.

Using the arguments noCacheHash/useCacheHash in the following ViewHelpers will trigger a deprecation message: - f:form - f:link.action - - f:link.typolink - f:uri.action - - f:uri.typolink - - f:widget.uri

If the underlying TypoLink logic is accessed directly, it will trigger a deprecation message if .useCacheHash is set - without any effect either.

Affected Installations

Any TYPO3 installation with custom templates setting this argument in Fluid or extensions using Extbase’s UriBuilder in a custom fashion.


Remove any usages within the Fluid templates or Extension code.