Deprecation: #90147 - Unified File Name Validator

See Issue #90147


The logic for validating if a new (uploaded) or renamed file’s name is allowed, is now available in an encapsulated PHP class FileNameValidator.

The functionality is moved so all logic is encapsulated in one single place: - PHP constant FILE_DENY_PATTERN_DEFAULT is migrated into a class constant. - LocalConfiguration setting is only used when it differs from the default. - The GeneralUtility method is deprecated and calls FileNameValidator->isValid() directly.

This optimization helps to only utilize and use PHP’s memory if needed, and avoids to define run-time constants or variables, but only initializes the logic when needed - e.g. when uploading files or using TYPO3’s importer via EXT:impexp.

In addition, the PHP constant PHP_EXTENSIONS_DEFAULT which is not in use anymore, is marked as deprecated as well.


Using the method GeneralUtility::verifyFilenameAgainstDenyPattern() directly will trigger a deprecation message.

Using the constants will continue to work but will be removed TYPO3 v11.0.

The system-wide setting to override the default file deny pattern, called $GLOBALS['TYPO3_CONF_VARS']['BE']['fileDenyPattern'] is only set when different from the systems’ default. If it is the same, the option is not set anymore by TYPO3 Core.

Affected Installations

TYPO3 installations with PHP code calling the mentioned method directly or using one of the global constants directly.


Instead of calling




Instead of using the constant FILE_DENY_PATTERN_DEFAULT use FileNameValidator::DEFAULT_FILE_DENY_PATTERN.

For the PHP constant PHP_EXTENSIONS_DEFAULT there is no replacement, as it has no benefit for TYPO3 Core anymore.

The extension scanner will detect the method calls or the usage of the constants.