Deprecation: #94209 - Backend ModuleLayout ViewHelpers

See Issue #94209


The following fluid view helpers have been deprecated:

  • be:moduleLayout
  • be:moduleLayout.menuItem
  • be:moduleLayout.button.linkButton
  • be:moduleLayout.button.shortcutButton

These view helpers partially mimic their counterparts of the PHP based ModuleTemplate API. They found some usage in backend modules when the ‘doc header’ handling was done in fluid.

The view helpers however relied on knowledge that shouldn’t be the scope of a view component to be useful, especially variables like current action and controller had to be assigned to the view in many cases.

Additionally, those view helpers were only a sub set of the ModuleTemplate functionality and created a second API for the same problem domain and various scenarios like good shortcut implementation and main drop down state were hard to solve when using these view helpers.


Using these view helpers will log a deprecation message, they will be removed with v12.

Affected Installations

Some extensions with backend modules may use these view helpers. Searching templates for string be:moduleLayout should reveal usages. Extensions extending the PHP classes are found by the extension scanner as a weak match.


In general, extensions using these view helpers should switch to using the PHP API based on class ModuleTemplate, usually initialized by class ModuleTemplateFactory instead. All core extensions that render backend modules provide lots of usage examples and the fluent API is quite straight forward.

For extbase base backend modules, the basic idea is that the ‘doc header’ should be handled within controller actions, while the module body is rendered by the fluid view component.

In case an extension heavily relies on the deprecated view helpers and the functionality should be kept with as little work as possible, the easiest way is of course to simply copy the according view helpers to the extension directly and to just adapt the namespace in templates accordingly.