Deprecation: #94225 - f:be.container ViewHelper

See Issue #94225


The <f:be.container> view helper has been deprecated.

This backend module related view helper was pretty useless since it mostly provides the same functionality as <f:be.pageRenderer>, with the additional opportunity to render an empty doc header.


Using the view helper in fluid templates will log a deprecation warning and the view helper will be dropped with v12.

Affected Installations

The limited functionality of the view helper likely leads to little usage numbers. Searching extensions for the string html:<f:be.container> should reveal any usages.


When this view helper is used to register additional backend module resources like CSS or JavaScript, <f:be.pageRenderer> can be used as drop-in replacement.

If the view helper is used to additionally render an empty ModuleTemplate, this part should be moved to a controller instead. Simple example:

return new HtmlResponse($moduleTemplate->renderContent());