Deprecation: #94272 - Deprecated Application->run callback

See Issue #94272


Since the introduction of the ApplicationInterface in Issue #67808 (TYPO3 v7), which serves as a wrapper for setting up the bootstrap and calling the request, it was possible to run either the console, the frontend or the backend by calling run() on the corresponding Application class.

The run() method also featured the possibility to provide a callback as first argument. This was mainly introduced, because no proper solution for subrequests existed at this time. Since Issue ##83725, the callback is not longer necessary as such functionality can be handled by a PSR-15 middleware.

Therefore, the $execute argument of ApplicationInterface->run() has been deprecated and will be removed in v12.


Calling ApplicationInterface->run() with the first argument $execute set, will log a deprecation warning and the argument will be removed in v12.

Affected Installations

All installations which manually call ApplicationInterface->run(), while providing a callback as first argument. The extension scanner will find those usages as weak match.


All places in custom extension code, calling this method with the first argument set, which is rather unlikely, needs to be adapted. Therefore, you can use PSR-15 middlewares instead. Since console commands do not feature PSR-15 middlewares, you have to replace the callback with separate chained post-processing commands.