Deprecation: #95041 - Deprecate <> view-helper

See Issue #95041


Fluid view-helper :html:< email=”{email}”>` was used in combination with config.spamProtectEmailAddresses settings during frontend rendering and returned corresponding javascript:linkTo_UnCryptMailto(...) inline JavaScript URI. In case spam-protections is not configured, this view-helper just passed through the given email address.

In favor of allowing more content security policy scenarios, javascript: URI is not used anymore per default. As a result, <> view-helper became obsolete. The view-helper will be removed with TYPO3 v12.0.


Using :html:<>` view-helper triggers a deprecation level error.

Affected Installations

All projects using :html:< email=”{email}”>` or {email ->} view-helper invocations in their Fluid templates.


In case config.spamProtectEmailAddresses is used, make use of < email="{email}"> view-helper which returns the complete <a> tag like this:

… code-block:: html

<a href=”#” data-mailto-token=”ocknvq,hqqBdct0vnf”

In case spam-protected is not used or not useful (e.g. in backend user interface), view-helper invocation can be omitted completely.