Deprecation: #95318 - TypoScript parseFunc.sword

See Issue #95318


The TypoScript option parseFunc.sword allows to wrap search words (such as defined via GET parameter sword_list%5B%5D=MySearchText) in a special wrap when no_cache=1 is set. This functionality has been deprecated as this feature only works in non_cached environments, which is not a recommended solution by TYPO3.

Since this behavior is enabled by default, it is highly recommended to avoid this in general, which can be achieved by disabling the no_cache=1 GET parameter in DefaultConfiguration.php.

Also, such an option within parseFunc does not cover all cases to highlight a search word, such as in headlines or HTML content which is not rendered via parseFunc.


Websites called via and a custom sword wrap will trigger a deprecation notice.

As this feature is seldom used and only configured with indexed search as desired functionality, deprecations are only triggered when explicitly configured.

In addition, this feature only works if disableNoCacheParameter is disabled or config.no_cache = 1 is explicitly set via TypoScript which is also not recommended in production.

Affected Installations

TYPO3 installations actively using the GET argument sword_list and have no_cache` as allowed GET argument enabled, usually in cases where indexed search is in use.


It is recommended to implement this functionality on the client-side via JavaScript as a custom solution, when this feature is needed.

Setting `lib.parseFunc.sword = ` will actively disable the functionality and not trigger any deprecation warning as well.

Setting lib.parseFunc.sword = <span class="ce-sword">|</span> will also trigger no deprecation warning for TYPO3 v11.