Feature: #92518 - Download and filename options added to FileDumpController

See Issue #92518


The FileDumpController has been extended with a dl and fn parameter.

  • dl: Force download of the file
  • fn: Use an alternative filename

See the following example on how to create a URI including the new parameters:

$queryParameterArray = [
   'eID' => 'dumpFile',
   't' => 'f',
   'f' => $resourceObject->getUid(),
   'dl' => true,
   'fn' => 'alternative-filename.jpg'
$queryParameterArray['token'] = GeneralUtility::hmac(implode('|', $queryParameterArray), 'resourceStorageDumpFile');

$publicUrl = GeneralUtility::locationHeaderUrl(PathUtility::getAbsoluteWebPath(Environment::getPublicPath() . '/index.php'));
$publicUrl .= '?' . http_build_query($queryParameterArray, '', '&', PHP_QUERY_RFC3986);

This will create a URI from a sys_file record and triggers a download of the file with the alternative filename, using the Content-Disposition: attachment header.

To ease the use of the file dump functionality, also a new view helper is added. See FileViewHelper for further information.


The dumpFile eID script is now capable of the dl parameter, forcing the download of the corresponding file, as well as the fn parameter, which can be used to define an alternative file name.