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Extbase and Fluid Autocompletion

When developing your own Extensions you'll often work with classes of Extbase and Fluid. That's why it helps to set up the autocompletion feature. It will enable suggestions for complete class names as soon as you press Ctrl + Space (see fig. 1-2). To activate this functionality you have to configure the project you're currently developing, making it depend on Extbase and Fluid. After that the IDE will activate autocompletion for Extbase and Fluid classes.


Figure 1-2: The autocompletion feature will show you possible class names and their code documentation.

In NetBeans right-click your Extension project and choose Properties in the opened context menu to edit the project properties. Select the category PHP Include Path and use Add Folder... to add the directories of Extbase and Fluid.

In Eclipse this works pretty similar. Right-click the project in which you want to enable the autocompletion feature and select Properties. Now choose the category PHP include Path. Now click on Projects, because you want to create a reference to another Eclipse project. Click on the Add... button and choose the Extbase and Fluid Projects that you've created before.