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In this chapter you have learned to the most important concepts of Extbase. First, the basics of object-oriented programming have been refreshed, so that you now have good knowledge to understand the programming style of Extbase.

Then you have been introduced to "Domain-Driven Design" which structures the usually unstructured modeling process, and which focuses on the concepts that are important for the domain. Since you usually discuss the domain logic with the client, misunderstandings between the client and you as a developer are resolved even quicker.

After that, we've looked into the Model-View-Controller Design Pattern, which divides the applications in the data model and the user interaction.

Domain-Driven Design and the MVC architecture form the conceptual backbone of Extbase. Now we have looked at Test-Driven Development as a development paradigm, which lowers the probability of errors in the code dramatically and structures the daily work of a developer even more.

With these base concepts you are perfectly prepared for the next chapters. Now dive into the depths of Extbase with us!