Debugging With Xdebug

For debugging you can use the PHP extension Xdebug (

Install Xdebug

You can install this PHP extension in different ways. We advise to install it with the packet manager (like APT for Debian/Ubuntu or MacPorts for Mac OS X) or you install it in PECL (PHP Extension Community Library). The last method can be run with the following command as user root:

pecl install xdebug

After a successful installation you have to introduce Xdebug to PHP. For that add the following line to the php.ini:


In this process you have to declare the correct path to the file


For Windows you can download an already compiled version of Xdebug from the Xdebug website.

After a restart of your webserver (or your Docker or DDEV environment) you can find an xdebug section in phpinfo().


You can see a dump of phpinfo in the backend of your TYPO3 installation: Environment > PHP Info


Configure Xdebug

Next, you have to configure it. For that you have to set the following lines in php.ini:


Again after a restart these options can be found in phpinfo().

Use Xdebug Browser Plugin