Extension Builder Installation

The Extension Builder (extkey: extension_builder) helps you build and manage your Extbase-based TYPO3 CMS extensions.

Without Composer


The version for TYPO3 9 and above is currently not available via the TYPO3 Extension Repository (TER) and should not be installed using the Extension Manager. That is why we recommend to install it via git clone.

To install this extension open the terminal, go to the directory typo3conf/ext/ and enter:

git clone https://github.com/FriendsOfTYPO3/extension_builder.git

Then you can use the Extension Manager to activate the Extension Builder.

With Composer

You can also install this extension via Composer (if you already used Composer to setup your TYPO3 installation):

composer require friendsoftypo3/extension-builder
./vendor/bin/typo3 extension:activate extension_builder

For more information, see: