This is information about example texts and structure for official documentation on the start page, in the menu etc. Extension authors are free to do it differently, but using the same conventions across all documentation on docs.typo3.org should make it easier for users to find things quickly.

On this page:

Start page

For an example start page, see TCA Reference.

The following should be on the start page, typically in this order:

  • required: Title
  • optional: Quick links (as button style)
  • required: Description
  • required: Meta information, including language, author, license (required) and status, target audience etc. (optional)
    • The author can contain a link to a section “Credits”. If the author is “Documentation Team”, it should be a link to the docs team page on typo3.org, not a link to the email address.
  • optional: Link to sitemap or index (as button style). This is good practice if the menu contains many items.
  • required: (in sidebar with title “Contributors:”) Link to information about contribution, link targets and the shortcut.
  • required: Official documentation.
  • required: Manual type, for example “Core Manual”, “Tutorial”, etc.
  • optional: Credits section and link to contributors on GitHub
  • optional: Short information about contribution (this should be very general so we do not have to change it often). This can be omitted as we already have the link to information about contribution in the sidebar.

Example texts


“Core Team and TYPO3 Community (see credits)”

  • credits is link to credits section


“Open Publication License available from http://www.opencontent.org/openpub/

  • This is the old license which should be maintained for the manuals that already use it.

“Creative Commons (CC BY-NC-SA 4.0)”

See also

Official documentation

“This document is included as part of the official TYPO3 documentation.”

Core Manual

“This document is a Core Manual. Core Manuals address the built in functionality of TYPO3 and are designed to provide the reader with in- depth information. Each Core Manual addresses a particular process or function and how it is implemented within the TYPO3 source code. These may include information on available APIs, specific configuration options, etc.

Core Manuals are written as reference manuals. The reader should rely on the Sitemap to identify what particular section will best address the task at hand.”


“The original … was written by …. Subsequent versions have been updated by …. … maintained this document over time, see the list of contributors on GitHub.

A big “Thank You!” goes to every single one of them.”


“For general questions about the documentation get in touch with the Documentation Team.

If you find a bug in this manual, please do not be afraid to suggest a fix, for example by using the “Edit on GitHub” button in the top right corner. Alternatively you can file an issue.”

Change history

These are some changes that we made for the following reasons:

  • description is now above the metadata and not within it because it very easily got overlooked there and shouuld stand out more
  • Last rendered, version, copyright and some others have been removed because they are already displayed in the footer
  • Link to Link targets is now on the start page because it has been removed in the menu. It should be in a box (sidebar) with title “Contributors”

See decision: Proposal for documentation manual start page