How to work with GitHub


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How to find a GitHub repository

The source for every manual on (for example this manual TypoScript Reference or TYPO3 Explained) is contained in a GitHub repository.

In the repository, you can find the source files, but also the issues and pull requests.

The repositories of the official manuals are all included in the organization TYPO3-Documentation.

There, you can browse through the repositories or search for a specific repository:


Alternatively, on any rendered page on (for example, this page), you can find the link Repository in the footer on the bottom of the page.

Get notifications from GitHub

You can get notifications for activity in a repository (for example new pull requests or issues) by watching the repository:

  1. Find the repository you would like to watch, see How to find a GitHub repository For example, go to the repository for TYPO3 Explained

  2. Click on the Watch button on the top of the page


Find issues

Pick an issue for a topic you are familiar with and try to fix it. Some of the issues address a problem, some are enhancements where new text needs to be written.

You can look at the open issues of a manual you are familiar with, pick one and fix the problem.

For example:

Find issues for a specific manual


To find the issues for a specific manual click on the link Issues in the footer on the bottom of the page.

From the repository on GitHub:

If you have already located the repository on GitHub, you can find the Issues by clicking on the Issues tab:

From the list of repositories in TYPO3-Documentation:

Look for the exclamation mark (!) issues icon:


Solve an Issue

When you solve an existing issue from GitHub, it is good practice to refer to it in the commit message.

For example, write:

Resolves: #12

This will automatically close the issue and a link to the issue is displayed in the commit message and pull request on GitHub.

See also

Commit messages

Find Pull Requests


GitHub will show a 404 page if you are not logged in following these links! So, remember to log in first!

Anyone is welcome to review open pull requests!

In TYPO3-Documentation:

In t3docs (Docker image):

About reviewing pull requests, you can look in the GitHub help pages:


If you are reviewing a pull request and want to leave comments, make sure to mark the line in the PR.

Find pull requests that require my attention

When another contributor creates their own pull request, they might ask you to review their change by assigning you to the pull request as an assignee.

To review all requests that are assigned to you, select Pull requests from the main navigation bar followed by Review requests.