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NEW: Conventions for updating documentation

NEW: Migration to new infrastructure


It is important, that you make the necessary changes for your extension, as described in Register for docs.typo3.org.

NEW: Tables (reST and Sphinx reference)

2019-02-05 by Sybille Peters

See the new page Tables describing how to use tables in reST.

NEW: Cheat sheet for reST and Sphinx

2019-02-03 by Sybille Peters

See the new reST & Sphinx cheat sheet for commonly used markup on one page.

NEW: Guidelines for images

2019-01-22 by Sybille Peters

We now have Guidelines for creating images. To give the TYPO3 documentation a more consistent look, we have summarized some general guidelines for images.

Additionally, a number of icons have been supplied by the Design Team, which can be used.


As always, please look at the existing documentation, report problems as issues, make suggestions or give feedback in the Slack channel (see Help & Support).

NEW: Tools chapter

2019-01-04 by Sybille Peters

The Tools chapter was added. It contains some tips for editing reST files with PhpStorm.


NEW: Spelling guide

2018-11-27 by Sybille Peters

A Spelling, terms and glossary and some hints for title capitalization and spelling of plaintext were added in order to make it easier to use consistent spelling.

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