[IMPORTANT] Change Main Branches to master

This is important if you are using the Local Git / Docker workflow and are working on already existing fork / clone.

Each documentation project has a main (or default) branch. This usually corresponds to the latest released TYPO3 version. For some official manuals, the main branch had been latest . We now changed this, so that master is the main branch for all manuals.

In the future, you should make sure to always work on master.

When you create a new fork and clone, this should not be a problem.

But, when you are using a local repository that you cloned a while ago, make sure to get the latest changes and work on master in the future.

  1. Check your branches:

    git branch


    git branch -a
  2. Setup upstream remote

    This will get you changes from the original repository, not your fork.

    git remote add upstream<name of repository>.git
  3. Fetch from remote:

    git fetch upstream
  4. Checkout master:

    git checkout master

[IMPORTANT] Migration to New Infrastructure

Because of the move to the new documentation server , a valid composer.json and a webhook is now mandatory for extensions, in order to automatically be rendered on the documentation server.

Read more: Migrate Documentation

If you see the following on the rendered page of your extension, it has not yet been rendered with the new mechanism:

Deprecation message on rendered extension documentation page