Rendering Documentation with Docker Compose

This workflow is very similar to Rendering Documentation with Docker , it uses the same Docker image, but the commands for running it are slightly different.

This workflow is especially recommended for platforms where the source / run command may not work, but should work fine on all platforms.


The workflow with Docker Compose is still being tested and optimized. Please help to improve our description by:

  • Testing the workflow. Report your results in this issue
  • Improving this page if you can
  1. Install Docker and Docker Compose

  2. Create a docker-compose.yml file


    Some of our repositories already contain this, for example the TYPO3 Contribution Guide - Core Development or this guide.

    You can create the file in the project directory.

    version: '2'
        image: t3docs/render-documentation:latest
        - ./:/PROJECT:ro
        - ./Documentation-GENERATED-temp:/RESULT
        command: makehtml
  3. Run docker-compose

    docker-compose run --rm t3docmake
  4. See output of command for generated HTML start file

    You can use one of these commands to open the generated file in the browser:


    xdg-open "Documentation-GENERATED-temp/Result/project/0.0.0/Index.html"


    open "Documentation-GENERATED-temp/Result/project/0.0.0/Index.html"


    start "Documentation-GENERATED-temp/Result/project/0.0.0/Index.html"