Tips for Extension Authors

[IMPORTANT] Migration to New Infrastructure

Because of the move to the new documentation server, a valid composer.json and a webhook is now mandatory for extensions, in order to automatically be rendered on the documentation server.

Read more: Migrate Documentation

If you see the following on the rendered page of your extension, it has not yet been rendered with the new mechanism:

Deprecation message on rendered extension documentation page

How to Get an “Edit me on GitHub” Button

2019-03-17 by Sybille Peters

Why might you want an “Edit me on GitHub” button on the rendered pages of your extension documentation?

"Edit me on GitHub" button

“Edit me on GitHub” button

It makes it easier to contribute to the documentation!

How do you enable this?

Just add this to your Settings.cfg and customize it:


# to get the "Edit me on Github Button"
github_branch = master
github_repository = TYPO3-Console/TYPO3-Console

If you used the sample extension and followed the steps in How to Start Documentation for Your TYPO3 Extension, you should actually already have this.

Look at the typo3_console extension for a working example.