TYPO3 Snippets, Tips and Howtos

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What is a “Snippet”?

Code snippets? Yes!

As understood here a snippet is some kind of code extract with explanation that shows how to accomplish some kind of task. It doesn’t have to stick to a special form. The existing snippets show give an impression of what is working well.

A useful pointer to external information? Yes!

One important characteristic is: It is the personal contribution of the author. That is: It is not “official” information. The TYPO3 documentation team doesn’t check or judge whether the solution given works or is recommended. Instead, anybody in the community is invited to give feedback.

Underlining the fact that snippets contain personal advice authors are explicitely invited to publish “snippets” that mainly serve as a pointer to an useful external source of knowledge like a blogpost.

Your personal Howto? Yes, please!

And, if you have some kind of howto that you have come across: Please publish those steps here as well.

Please contribute

  1. Go to the page with the latest snippet
  2. Use the usual “Edit me on Github” workflow and add your snippet at the top.
  3. Send a PULL REQUEST
  4. Provide at least title, name, date, keywords, description and code.
  5. Don’t worry: The documentation team will help you with the details of text markup.
  6. In general: While it’s nice to have a similar structure for the snippets this is not a requirement any more. So you may have several descriptions and code passages in your contribution.
  7. You have collected a whole bunch of snippets and would like to have them added? Get in contact with the TYPO3 documentation team!

The Snippets