Extbase Guide


What is Extbase?

Extbase is a framework for TYPO3 extension development. It was introduced with TYPO3 4.3 in 2009 and is well on the way to replacing the classic way of writing TYPO3 extension (pibase). Most important, it is a gateway from TYPO3 CMS to version TYPO3 NEOS as it is a backport of TYPO3 FLOW technology.

Should I use Extbase?

If you develop an extension for TYPO3, you should most definitely use Extbase. The days of piBased extensions are numbered. Extbase gives you the benefit of a modern, clear, and highly structured means of PHP development.

How to get started with Extbase

  • Check out the Extbase documentation section.
  • Inspect the code of Extbase-based extensions in the TYPO3 extension repository (TER).

Want to contribute?

Do you want to help make Extbase, TYPO3, and the world an even better place? We would love to welcome you to the team if you want to contribute substantially.

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