The Bootstrap mechanism concerns itself with reading configuration, loading the Reflection classes, warming up the caches, and the activation of the persistence layer.

This initialisation process is prepared in ext_localconf.php:

    'Product' => 'list, show',

  // non-cacheable actions
    'Product' => '',

The method configurePlugin adds the following TypoScript - with help from t3lib_extMgm::addTypoScript - into the global TypoScript template:

# Setting Productoverview plugin TypoScript
tt_content.list.20.productoverview_products = USER
tt_content.list.20.productoverview_products {
  userFunc = tx_extbase_core_bootstrap->run
  extensionName = Productoverview
  pluginName = Products

As soon as you add this Extbase plugin to a page, the method run of the class tx_extbase_core_bootstrap is being exectued. Now the page knows which extension and plugin you’re dealing with, information on the extensionName and pluginName are passed to the method. This is where the actual bootstrapping takes place.:


The final task of the bootstrap is to pass all of the collected data to the Dispatcher.