“Tell me something about X” is the name for that part of the documentation that doesn’t exactly fit into common rubrics like reference, guide, tutorial or how-to. 1. The goal is to name and list topics that people often need help with. 2. Hopefully the list then inspires knowledgable members of the community to provide some explanations. 3. And finally the intention is to have a place to provide links to other community writings like blogpostings.

How to contribute

Text contributions

Please fork the repository and make additions or updates to the text as you like. You can easily do this when reading the manual online by clicking on the “Edit me on Github” button. It is located at the top right of each page. Then create a Pull Request to the master branch at Github.

Questions and comments

Please open issues at Github.


Join the typo3-documentation channel at Slack. Visit TYPO3 Slack invite to help yourself get access to Slack.