What is Fluid?

Fluid is an XML based templating engine. It was born when making FLOW3 and Phoenix which are now named FLOW and NEOS. Nowadays Fluid is a standalone project.

Templating engine

From https://github.com/TYPO3-Documentation/TYPO3CMS-Guide-Extbase/issues/92

What is it used for
Some explanation about fluid_styled_content
Some explanations about FLUIDTEMPLATE
How the core uses fluid
How extensions can use fluid
Naming conventions (e.g. Templates, Partials, Layouts), CamelCase for files
What’s in a fluid file (XML, namespaces, sections, partials view helpers)
How does the rendering and caching work internally?
Hints about Performance
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Official Documentation

This official book is part of the official documentation. It is currently partly outdated.


For TYPO3 9, you may want to check out the 3rd edition of the book Michael Schams: “TYPO3 Extbase: Modern Extension Development for TYPO3 CMS with Extbase & Fluid”. This is not official TYPO3 documentation, but it was just released for TYPO3 9 and should be up to date.

  • 2018-02-05 TYPO3 CMS Fluid Debugging Assistant

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Fluid template rendering engine - Standalone version
TYPO3.Fluid Rendering Engine: “TYPO3 community template engine - composer-enabled, Flow/CMS dependency-free PSR-4 edition” ✦ Has lots of docs

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