Use case 2: registering a new icon with the Backend

Save icons within your extension whenever it makes sense. As example, it can be placed in EXT:extension/ Resources/Public/images/icons.

Here are the steps:

  1. copy icon in EXT:foo/Resources/Public/images/icons

2. declare your icon by adding following lines into EXT:foo/ext_tables.php

// Defines $icon array()
$pathToExtension = t3lib_extMgm::extRelPath('foo');
$icons = array(
        'error' => $pathToExtension . 'Resources/Public/images/icons/error.png',
        'information' => $pathToExtension . 'Resources/Public/images/icons/information.png',
        'notification' => $pathToExtension . 'Resources/Public/images/icons/notification.png',
        'ok' => $pathToExtension . 'Resources/Public/images/icons/ok.png',
        'warning' => $pathToExtension . 'Resources/Public/images/icons/warning.png',

// Gives the $icon array to the sprite manager
t3lib_SpriteManager::addSingleIcons($icons, 'foo');

3. Clear the “Configuration” cache to take into account the changes done in ext_tables.php

  1. Finished! It should be possible to call the new icons like:


will turn out:

<span class="t3-icon t3-icon-extensions t3-icon-extensions-devlog t3-icon-devlog-warning"></span>