This page is used to clarify for the listed manuals and webpages:

What is it about? What is the target group? What should be documented where? What is the scope?

If you are not sure, what to put in which, place: look here.

Scope of General Manuals

For now, use Tutorials and Guides and Core Documentation (References).

Scope of DocTeam Pages

Manual About Comment
Writing documentation (Guide) Main documentation for writing documentation on, for contributors, extension developers (and Documentation Team). Use this as main resource for contributors!
The TYPO3 Documentation Team at Work (this manual) Information for doc team. (In comparison: This can be used for things that only concern documentation team. It can also be used for drafts. As information matures, it may get moved either to team page on or to “Writing Documentation”.
Team page on About the “Documentation Team” for interested public. Contains “official, general information”. WIP and internal information should be put in The TYPO3 Documentation Team at Work (this manual) It’s important for interested contributors to find relevant information. Place strategic links on team page about contribution, joining Slack and joining the team. The public should also have the possibility to inform themselves about what team is doing.
“About TYPO3 Documentation” on “glue pages” Contains documentation news, Tips & Tricks … Writing documentation now being used as main resource for contributors. In order to not have information in too many different places, the pages “Contribution” and “Writing Documentation” have been replaced by external links to Writing documentation.
“Tips” on “start page” Changed: Mostly tips about using (reading) documentation and general tips about TYPO3 or where to find things! “Writing Documentation” now being used as main resource for contributors. Because of this, the tips on writing documentation have been moved to Writing documentation (see startpage).
Forge Wiki: This is currently only a placeholder for the slack call notes. Provide miminal information on that page and link elsewhere. Could be removed if we did not still need the slack call notes and other notes. todo: move “responsibilities of documentation team” to team page on
docker-render-documentation Readme.rst on GitHub This is a Github Readme! Explains how to use the official Docker Image for rendering.  
t3SphinxThemeRtd Demo Docs Examples of reST rendering. Can be used as testcase for rendering, as showcase of what is possible and as inspiration (as ext:styleguide in core).  
Martin’s Starter Project 001 Various examples, “Teaching Docs”, “Style Guides” … Is Martin’s manual. Not official. You can read, but not change …
“What’s new?” file archive

The documentation subproject “What’s new?” at Forge is used to ① provide a description, to ② list the people involved and, most important, to ③ keep a file archive of all existing PDF files in various languages.

The slides (pdf files) are advertised on with urls pointing to their Forge location: