Review Status


Information about maintainers was moved to Maintainer.

The information in the columns is relevant for reviewing (proofreading, correcting) the information.

  • State: Is it up to date? Does it need review?
  • In Progress: Somebody is already doing something
  • Next step: to be done next

Review Status of Main Manuals

Manual State In progress Next Step
Frontend Localization Guide outdated Versions 7.6 until master (10) have not been thoroughly reviewed yet.   Decision: Should probably be merged to “TYPO3 Explained”?
TYPO3 Upgrade Guide good Generally, “master” (10) and 9.5 version looks good and up-to-date.    
TYPO3 Sitepackage Tutorial “master” is for TYPO3 8.7   Check if changes for 9 and 10 are necessary, branch out and create changes for 9 and 10.
TYPO3 Contribution Guide - Core Development good Up-to-date, proofread (4/2018)    
Developing TYPO3 Extensions with Extbase and Fluid needs revision Was often mentioned, that it is not up-to-date. Was also mentioned, that language needs improvement. Text partially long winded. Could be shortened. Outdated example extensions.   Decisions: Clarify license. Make general decision. Decide if all branches should be maintained longterm or only “master”. Possibly, remove other branches from being rendered or add outdated notice. Review for: up-to-date, proofread language, shorten text, make it better readable.
A TYPO3 Extbase and Fluid Guide to be deprecated outdated and incomplete   Move existing information and add redirects
TYPO3 - Getting Started Tutorial 9.5 branch fully updated, master (10) to be updated, other branches: unclear   No immediate action required.
TYPO3 Tutorial for Editors Current master for TYPO3 8   Branch out and update “master” for 9 (and 10)
TypoScript in 45 Minutes     Assess quality. Check what is outdated. Is it still helpful in its current form?
Tutorial for Fluid Templating todo   todo
Core ChangeLog good Up to date    
Core API Mostly in good shape. Some parts outdated. Some parts missing.   Check entire manual, if up-to-date for TYPO3 9 (latest). Add missing information.
TCA Reference unclear    
TSconfig Reference unclear    
TypoScript Reference unclear    

Review Status of System Extensions

Manual State In progress Next Step
form Up-to-date (assessed after superficially glimpsing through - May, 2019)    
rte_ckeditor Up-to-date (as it was recently published, we assume it is still up-to-date - May, 2019)    
  • rsaauth (rsaauth is outdated!)

Writing Documentation and DocTeam (for Review)

This is an overview of information About writing documentation and the documentation team.

The information in the columns is relevant for reviewing (proofreading, correcting) the information.


We do not list all sources here at the moment. For more see Scope of General Manuals.

Manual State In progress Next Step
The TYPO3 Documentation Team at Work (this manual) In progress    
Writing documentation good Fully revised, up-to-date! (May 2019)    
Team page on good Fully revised, up-to-date! (May 29, 2019)    
“About TYPO3 Documentation” on “glue pages” good Fully revised, up-to-date! (May, 2019)    
“Tips” on “start page” good Fully revised, up-to-date! (May, 2019)    
Forge Wiki: good Fully revised, up-to-date! (May, 2019)