Dear project owner,

thank you very much for providing a TYPO3 project that has documentation. I am RenderDocumentation , the toolchain that builds documentation for you on the TYPO3 documentation server.

Your project

Project: T3DocTeam-at-Work , version: 1.0

The build has finished right now at 2021-11-30 10:37:21 .

This was made: html, singlehtml, buildinfo.

This failed or wasn't requested: pdf, package.

Warnings and errors

Sphinx has reported issues. Please check the buildinfo and especially the list of warnings.

About this mail

I did not find an entry about emailing in the settings file PROJECT/Documentation/Settings.cfg.

To configure emailing

Add a setting to PROJECT/Documentation/Settings.cfg to specify what you want. To have one or more receivers notified write:

about_new_build = email-1 [, email-2, ...]

Or turn notification off by setting one email to 'no':

about_new_build = no

General information

Have an eye on the BUILDINFO folder. It contains information about the most recent build and only changes when a new build is run.

HTML is the usual output. Most manuals on the server share the same static files.

SINGLEHTML has everything in one html file.

PDF is a file generated from LaTeX - if everything went well. Pdf generation has more restrictions than html and may not succeed where html still works.

PACKAGE is a zip archive with the html output. It is well suited for offline reading since css and js files are included and paths are relative. If a pdf was generated that file is included too.


Please join the Slack #typo3-documentation channel if you have questions. Visit forger for an invite.

You may as well send an email to the TYPO3 Documentation Team.


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