Manual Types

Martin Bless [11:34 PM] Slack 2018-01-16

@mathias.schreiber wants to have meta tags in the docs for the indexer of the global search. Example:

<meta name="book-name" content="blog">
<meta name="book-version" content="8.7.0">
<meta name="book-type" content="Extension Manual">

That brings up the question what names we want to agree on for the “book-type”. What about these names (first column is important):

Blogpost Blogpost, opinion, I case we have that somewhen.
Book Is a book or part of a book
Cheat Sheet Summarized help notes about various topics.
Extension Manual Manual of a TYPO3 CMS extension.
Guide In-depth exploration of specific topics.
Prototype Manual Structure and markup example for official manuals and extension manuals.
Reference Manual Exhaustive listings of properties, options, APIs, etc.
Snippet For snippets, tips, howtos. A howto is much shorter than a tutorial.
Team Notes  
Tutorial Introductory manual into the world of TYPO3 CMS.