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What the T3DocTeam should be tackling

Move documentation

Find out what documentation should be moved. Check:

  • We need a list: What needs to be done?

    ➊ snippets?
    ➋ …
  • TYPO3 wiki: We need a list: What needs to be done?

    ➊ Harry Glatz has already noted some ideas
    ➋ Release notes like this one

Making Documentation available

Unsorted tasks

Extensions Advisor

((idea for a topic at

Extensions - and what their developers and the community says.


2016-11-14 by François Suter at Forge:

Version 3.0 released and moved to GitHub

The road to devlog version 3.0 has been long and bumpy indeed. Years ago Fabien Udriot started a brand new version for TYPO3 4.5, using ExtJS for the backend module. The work was never finished and ExtJS fell from grace. The project lay dormant for a couple of years. Then an attempt was made to base the devlog on TYPO3’s logging API, but this also faltered along the way.

About last year I finally found the motivation to give the project yet another fresh start. Alternating sprints and breaks, the new version was eventually ready. It is entirely rewritten, with a squeaky clean code base. The backend module relies on jQuery and DataTables for paginating, searching and filtering. The “Clear log entries” feature is now available from a convenient drop-down.

The devlog also now uses a concept of log writers, which makes it possible to route devlog calls to different outputs/storages. By default, the extension provides a database and a file writer.

Last but not least, I moved the extension to GitHub. Hopefully this will help people contribute and maybe also shift ownership to someone else, as I don’t feel like continuing to maintain this extension. New home:

Can we make use of Gists?

Example Gist: ActionViewhelper by Xavier, 2016-11-15

Leads to questions: ➊ How can documentation help to provide and share viewhelpers? ➋ Will Gists stay forever? I mean, as long as Github exists and the owner doesn’t delete them. ➌ I you have new insights, you’ll update the Gist probably? ➍ Can Gists help in creating a Viewhelper library? ➎ Can Gists help in creating a snippet collection?

Tools // Server // Installation


  • Add a cronjob that removes the /tmp/TCT/RenderDocumentation/lockfile.json if the RenderDocumentation job had failed to do so. Otherwise it would take x seconds for the lockfile to become outdated. Currently x is set to 3.600 seconds. That means, that in case the buildjob dies with an unhandled exception it will take an hour until any manual will be rendered again.

Missing features

  1. Ajaxdownloads.php: this $knownpath isn’t correctly handled: /typo3cms/drafts/github/*/. Wildcards aren’t handled yet.


See the issues! Just to list some here:

  • Make headlines better distinguishable (Tweet)

Understanding …

  • cHash
  • optionSplit
  • TYPO3 caching
  • typolink

More to be done

Teach theme tricks

  • Tell people about css class compactlist

Integrate further topics

  1. rst-ing with PHPStorm

    That content needs to partly go into How To Document TYPO3 Projects and partly into Documentation Rendering.

    This should als cover the information of Sphinx-Doc Installation Steps (2015).

    Keep an eye on the section about the _make folder. Provide a suitable make-folder somewhere.