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How TYPO3 Documentation works

  • A short introduction.
  • In general: Documentation of a project start at PROJECT/Documentation/Index.rst
  • Index.rst is a plain textfile. Can be edited and versioned with the same tools as code.
  • We are using a markup called reStructuredText
  • Public documentation project reside at Github
  • Can be edited by everyone through the “Edit me on Github” procedure.

Wiki: Benefits and Problems

  • gives a quick start
  • later on it’s difficult for the authors to really improve
  • there is no practical review and history
  • for readers it’s hard to decide what’s still up to date

Plan about the Wiki


  • How to set up OTRS to duplicate tickets to my email account?
  • Get LDAP access
  • Show Swagger
  • Prepare more T3DocStarter projects


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