TBD: documents.json, ext:documentation

Stephan Großberndt [5:21 PM] Which service is responsible for generation of https://docs.typo3.org/typo3cms/documents.json ? Who can update it?

Martin Bless [5:58 PM] Me, Texteditor :-)

Stephan Großberndt [5:59 PM] Alright.

[6:01] In there are links to the manuals to be downloaded. They point to "http://docs.typo3.org/... but should point to "https://docs.typo3.org/. This causes problems in EXT:documentation which currently cannot cope with the 301 redirect

[6:01] could you please update the links accordingly?

[6:05] Apart from that I am asking myself what wrong in EXT:documentation. To me the whole concept does not make sense at all in there. (edited)

[6:06] - you can only see/access downloaded manuals.

[6:09] - if you download that manual (why not simply display links to the online version?!) - that downloaded html manual gets displayed in the context of the current typo3 page. If that TYPO3 site is on HTTPS, you’ll see unstyled HTML, because the downloaded html file references css files and the like from http://docs.typo3.org (mixed insecure content). (edited)

[6:11] if that TYPO3 site is on HTTP you get the manual displayed in the frame without navigation options. and that locally downloaded html file still has the references to external css resources

[6:11] so you get an outdated local version with external links. hooray

Hi Stephan @grossberndts, thanks for caring!
(1) I've replaced http: by https,
(2) the file is now at Github, so people can send pull requests: https://goo.gl/JEQ3DU
(3) Xavier @xperseguers is the expert for ext:documentation
(4) the upcoming toolchain 'RenderDocumentation' is at work for the manuals that already have the new theme. That toolchain rewrites the html files of manuals on the server so that ALL manuals use the SAME static files at (absolute!) `/t3SphinxThemeRtd/3.6.0/css` and so on.
(5) If specified in `buildsettings.sh`for a manual the toolchain creates a *.zip archive for download and offline use. In there is the HTML and PDF version. In this case of the download package the HTML is complete. It has all the static files included with fonts, js, css and so and does not reference anything external.

Martin Bless [7:16 PM] Example:

[7:17] over