About this document

This is a short tutorial for editors. It explains how to create pages and content elements. It also details the various types of pages and content elements.

This tutorial starts with the tasks which an editor most frequently needs: editing existing content and creating new one. We will then move on to editing and creating pages. Then comes a short introduction to working with translations. Finally the tutorial presents the various access restriction concepts: visibility, publication time and password-protected pages.

The tutorial provides the most basic instructions step-by-step. It does not cover all available functions, but the most common ones.

It is assumed that you have read the following pages of the Getting Started Tutorial and are thus familiar with the general concepts of TYPO3 CMS, in particular the separation of frontend and backend:

The examples assume that you are working with a TYPO3 installation based on the “Introduction Package”.


This extension is based on a tutorial extension originally written by Marlies Cohen and a summary / excerpt in the wiki by Eikaa. Susanne Moog did some major updates. Thanks to them all!

It was updated for TYPO3 CMS 7 LTS by François Suter.


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