.. include:: ../Includes.txt .. highlight:: typoscript .. _minimal-design: ================ A minimal design ================ Here, we intend to construct a design that produces an HTML web page with the least effort. This design can serve as a test of system output or as an illustration of the minimum required templating steps. For this minimal design, in a TYPO3 CMS backend, create a standard page named :name:`Minimal design` just under (inside) the page tree TYPO3 logo container. On this standard page, create a new TypoScript template record. Give the new TypoScript template a title, and make it a rootlevel template, but do not include any static templates. The TypoScript-only version =========================== In the TypoScript template Setup field, write the following three lines:: page = PAGE page.1 = TEXT page.1.value = Hello, world. View the resulting web page. This TypoScript-only design has the fewest instructions needed to produce a web page from TYPO3 CMS. This TypoScript template contains its own content: there are no other files or database records needed. Changing that content requires edit-capable access to the TypoScript template itself. Adding to that content can quickly become complex due to TypoScript syntax rules. The TYPO3 Fluid version ======================= Empty the :name:`Minimal design` page TypoScript template Setup field, then write the following three lines in the field:: page = PAGE page.1 = FLUIDTEMPLATE page.1.file = fileadmin/sitedesign/Resources/Private/Templates/Minimal.html Create a file named :file:`Minimal.html` in a :file:`fileadmin/sitedesign/Resources/Private/Templates` folder. Notice that the initial letter in the file name is capitalized: some parts of Fluid may not find a file if its name doesn’t start with a capital letter. Write the following single line in the file: .. code-block:: none Hello, world. View the resulting web page. This TYPO3 Fluid design puts the page content into a file, allowing separate access controls and preparing for editing that doesn’t need attention to TypoScript syntax rules. The TYPO3 CMS renderer still requires a TypoScript template on the :name:`Minimal design` page, to know what file to process for web page content. Resulting web page ================== Here is the resulting web page HTML source for both the TypoScript-only and the Typo3 Fluid minimal designs. Notice how TYPO3 CMS added default markup surrounding the single line of content: .. code-block:: html Minimal design Hello, world.