The news extensions is one of the most used extensions in the TYPO3 CMS. This configuration is made under the assumption with a page tree looking similar to this:

Example Pagetree of EXT:news setup

Example Pagetree of EXT:news setup

If you want to have a Crawler Configuration that matches this, you can add following to the PageTS for PageId 56.


tx_crawler.crawlerCfg.paramSets {
   tx_news = &tx_news_pi1[controller]=News&tx_news_pi1[action]=detail&tx_news_pi1[news]=[_TABLE:tx_news_domain_model_news; _PID:57; _WHERE: hidden = 0]
   tx_news {
     pidsOnly = 58

# _PID:57 is the Folder where news records are stored.
# pidSOnly = 58 is the detail-view PageId.

Now you can add the News detail-view pages to the crawler queue and have them in the cache and the indexed_search index if you are using that.