Extension Name

Extension name:BW Backend Site
Extension key:bw_backendsite
Description:manuals covering TYPO3 extension “BW Backend Site”
Author:Mark Boland
Licence:Open Content License available from www.opencontent.org/opl.shtml

The content of this document is related to TYPO3, a GNU/GPL CMS/Framework available from www.typo3.org

Table of Contents

BW Backend Site

View a part of your page tree in the backend.

Add project documentation, news for adminstrators and editors with the TYPO3 tools you already use.



  • Set a standard page ID or URL for all users
  • Override settings with userTS
  • Set module group to be added to (‘user’, ‘system’, ‘tools’, ‘help’ or your own)
  • 3 configurable modules for different applications
  • Selectable as start modules in user settings
  • github Project page

What does it do?

Shows a page in the backend. This can be a page of your page tree or an arbitrary URL. In combination with backend user access control you can create your own portal site and make it the starting module of your TYPO3 installation. You can add all available TYPO3 plugins (like News, Forums, Downloads) to enhance your editor’s experience.