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This extension started as a distribution and is now a template serving as a base foundation for new websites. The former distribution part became to be a new distribution called pizpalue_distribution and can be downloaded from the TYPO3 extension repository.

What does it do?

The extension builds upon the extension bootstrap_package from Benjamin Kott and serves as a base template for the creation of websites or distributions using the bootstrap framework. As an example the distribution pizpalue_distribution uses this extension. A demo site can be visited here.

The extension extends and configures TYPO3 and selected extensions to provide better structured and attracting content while maintaining or improving speed and seo performance.

It provides the following main features:

Easy website setup

The extension easyconf has been configured to provide an easy way for non technical website owners to setup their website. The following is taken care of automatically:

  • Domain related settings used in the content and site configuration

  • SEO related settings in the site configuration for "page not found", robots.txt and sitemap.xml

  • News related configurations in site configuration

  • Logo and app icon configurations

  • Google font configurations

Website configuration form

Website configuration form

Enhancing page

  • Background image to cover the entire page

  • CSS field to easily fine tune individual page styles

Arranging content

  • Page layouts allowing to add content in side columns with a menu

  • Support for structure elements provided by container_elements. Example structure elements are: columns, grid, accordion, tabs, card, tile unit and randomizer

Enhancing content

  • Support for automatic image scaling in structure elements (see templating)

  • Content element fields to optimize image scaling dependent on the screen size

  • Content element fields to assign custom classes, styles and attributes

  • Content element fields to create a scroll menu

Animating content

New content elements

  • A content element to create modal dialogs

  • A content element to create a list of categorized content elements

  • A content element to create structured content (JSON-LD data, see Schema)

  • A layout for media content elements to emphasize media

Supporting extensions

The following extensions are supported:


  • A menu to be fixed on the side (fastmenu)

Discover more regarding the features on the demo site.


The following screen shots were taken from a website created with the distribution pizpalue_distribution.

Structure elements

See example

Page embedding contents covering entire page width

Page embedding contents covering entire page width

Scroll animation

See example

Page embedding scroll animated content

Page embedding scroll animated content


See example

Page embedding news

Page embedding news


This extension can be provided thanks to outstanding work from TYPO3 community members. A big thanks goes to: