7.0.4 - 2018/16/05

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This is a list of all changes in this release:

2018-05-16 [DOC] Fix changelog (Commit 3a894566 by Georg Ringer)
2018-05-16 [TASK] Release 7.0.2 (Commit 6f219cb7 by Georg Ringer)
2018-05-16 [BUGFIX] Use correct key for type query (Commit 54ca8316 by Georg Ringer)
2018-05-14 [DOC] Fix wrong code block in custom type example (Commit 49baecb3 by Georg Ringer)
2018-05-11 Improved compatibility for postgres installations (#666) (Commit 52815427 by Damir Andrašević)
2018-05-08 [BUGFIX] Forward from list to single when needed (#664) (Commit 90b314eb by Helmut Hummel)
2018-05-08 dont concatenate js/css files (#652) (Commit c4ca0715 by Marco Pfeiffer)
2018-05-08 [BUGFIX] Remove debug code and make category filter in BE work (Commit 7ec44d35 by Georg Ringer)
2018-05-02 Fixes already fully qualified urls being prefixed for Open Graph Protocol tag (#659) (Commit 243c843d by Markus Mächler)
2018-04-28 [TASK] Force string before any slug conversion (Commit 6a99271f by Georg Ringer)
2018-04-28 [TASK] Use renderType checkboxToggle for 9+ (Commit b1780aec by Georg Ringer)

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