7.3.0 - 2019/28/08

Important changes

Starting of major refactoring

This release is the starting point of next major refactoring project. The main target is to support TYPO3 9 & 10 LTS. Providing support for 2 LTS versions has got the following advantages: - People using 9 already get the new features - Upgrade to 10 is therefore easier because it means that the extension is already compatible

So what is it all about:

  • SEO: Support for MetaTag-API, custom TitleTag-Provider, custom Sitemap-Provider

  • Translations: With 9 the translations changed a lot, so this needs to be all checked and tested

  • Code adoption: Fix deprecations, remove code specific to 8

  • Best practice: The extension is used for a lot of developers as best practice example. Some code parts need to be improved to fit the expectations.

  • Features: I got a couple of features in my mind as well

  • Breaking changes: Those won't be many and will be feature like but as those change behaviour those are still breaking.

You can follow the next steps at https://github.com/georgringer/news/projects/3.


The following features have been added.

Custom Sitemap Provider

A custom sitemap provider NewsXmlSitemapDataProvider has been added to improve the sitemaps generated by EXT:seo in version 9. Read about its configuration in the chapter Best practice > SEO.

XLF Translations

Instead of using the translation server (http://translation.typo3.org) the service https://crowdin.com/project/typo3-extension-news is being used. The translations are now included in the extension itself.

All Changes

This is a list of all changes in this release:

2019-08-28 [TASK] Update translations (Commit f2b95587 by Georg Ringer)
2019-08-19 [TASK] Fix CI issues (Commit 209bc55d by Georg Ringer)
2019-08-19 [TASK] Prioritize local language files over global ones (Commit 0bf8c488 by Georg Ringer)
2019-08-18 [FEATURE] Support hrDate in sitemap (Commit f5fd8def by Georg Ringer)
2019-08-17 [BUGFIX] Fix wrong handling of singal dispatcher result (Commit f21ff259 by Dmitry Dulepov)
2019-08-17 Apply fixes from StyleCI (#1009) (Commit cdcf2c70 by Georg Ringer)
2019-08-17 [TASK] Finish docs (Commit 340e47f9 by Georg Ringer)
2019-08-16 [DOC] Start 7.3.0 notes (Commit 7b165f3d by Georg Ringer)
2019-08-16 [TASK] Update german translations (Commit b01b0b6f by Georg Ringer)
2019-08-15 [DOC] Example how to render news with same tags (Commit 1d69a13a by Georg Ringer)
2019-08-15 [BUGFIX] Use correct lenght attribute in rss feed (Commit f109bf49 by Georg Ringer)
2019-08-15 [FEATURE] Add itemprop="image" to image elements (Commit ff368f09 by Georg Ringer)
2019-08-15 [BUGFIX] Get only last defined optiongroup (#963) (Commit daa6f485 by 123AltmarkAgentur)
2019-08-15 [TASK] Change slug generation for 8 and wizards (#1002) (Commit b9aedf7a by Georg Ringer)
2019-08-15 [BUGFIX] Respect dates before 1970 in datemenu (Commit a2795e21 by Georg Ringer)
2019-08-15 [BUGFIX] Provide identifir for RealurlAliasNewsSlugUpdater (Commit 34d7023f by Georg Ringer)
2019-08-14 [TASK] Add more translations (Commit fcd1b573 by Georg Ringer)
2019-08-14 Update Crowdin configuration file (Commit 4dec05e7 by Georg Ringer)
2019-08-14 [TASK] Add translations to the extension (Commit ad9e13bd by Georg Ringer)
2019-08-14 [TASK]Apply fixes from StyleCI (Commit 1717655a by Georg Ringer)
2019-08-14 [BUGFIX] Add support for tag lists with pagination in twb template (#988) (Commit 889920c9 by Johannes)
2019-08-14 Update Crowdin configuration file (Commit 43bbad50 by Georg Ringer)
2019-08-14 [TASK] Add isRegistered check for custom icons (Commit ebad625e by Georg Ringer)
2019-08-14 [BUGFIX] Check for the category setting to exist when adding category constraints. (#905) (Commit db50d859 by Simon Fischer)
2019-08-13 [BUGFIX] #960: SQL error in the search module (#961) (Commit 81fb114d by Dmitry Dulepov)
2019-08-13 [TASK] Remove DebugConsole from import js (Commit aa96a55b by Georg Ringer)
2019-08-12 [FEATURE] Provide custom Sitemap provider (Commit 8f3c7a8d by Georg Ringer)
2019-08-12 [DOC] Use 7.2.3 instead of 7.2.2 in Changelog/7-2-3.rst (#959) (Commit e47ed862 by Georg Tiefenbrunn)
2019-08-08 [TASK] Replace deprecated constant TAB (Commit b9f72a82 by Georg Ringer)

This list has been created by using git log 7.2.3..HEAD --abbrev-commit --pretty='%ad %s (Commit %h by %an)' --date=short.