What does it do?


We deliver a task to update all of your configured Solr indexers. There is no need to create one Solr indexer task for each PageTree anymore.

In our jwtools2 backend module you have the possibility to clear individual solr cores by indexer type.


Since version 3.0.0 we have a new task to execute your individual SQL-Query. You can insert multiple queries as long as you divide them by ; + Return.

TYPO3 Settings

There are some settings for TYPO3 you can activate in ExtensionManager instead of writing PageTSConfig. As an example: One click to show page UID in PageTree.



Use this command to show all entryIdentifiers of a cache tag or show cache content of a specific cache entry.


Use this command to update plain passwords of be_users or fe_users to hashed password using the currently configured hashing method. Be careful: This command does not know, if password in DB is a plain password or a md5 password. The Command loops over all configured Hash Methods of TYPO3. If no Hash Method was found for current password in database, the password will be updated.


With this command you can execute the update script of extensions via class.ext_update.php. It only starts the update, but if you have something special or a wizard in this file this command will not help.


If you make use of ConnectionPool::getQueryBuilderForTable() in backend you will also retrieve deleted records. To prevent that we have created a BackendRestrictionContainer. You can use it on your own or you can use our method JWeiland\Jwtools2\Database::getQueryBuilderForTable()



This VH is a modified version of the original Fluid f:format.html VH. We have added a data-attribute where you can assign the data which should be used while processing lib.parseFunc. You should use this VH, if you have added if-conditions or CASE on property field or dataWrap to lib.parseFunc.


With this ViewHelper you will get the used Memory usage and available system RAM for selected Solr Site.


Calculates next run of Solr Indexer in seconds.


With version 3.2.0 we have ported functionality of method GeneralUtility::split_fileref into its own ViewHelper. This is very useful, if you want your own preview image for videos for example. See an example here: Add Preview image to your videos



If you do not have values in URL which have a relation to a table like results from an API call you do not have any storage to store the mapping from "Möller Industries" to "moeller-industries" like in realurl times.

This Abstract comes with its own table, where these static values are stored. Further it implements the static mapper interfaces to prevent generation of cHash in URL.

See header of Classes/Routing/Aspect/PersistedTableMapper for a full example.

    type: PersistedTableMapper
    type: PersistedTableMapper