.. include:: ../Includes.txt .. _backend-previews: ====================== Manage Backend Preview ====================== In the extension configuration you will find the setting :ref:`Folder for Backend Preview Templates`. If you want to change the look of the content elements in the TYPO3 backend page module, create a HTML file with the same name as for the frontend template. For example MyElement.html. It's a good idea to copy the frontend template and modify it for your needs. .. code-block:: html Example code: Name: {data.tx_mask_name}
E-Mail: {data.tx_mask_email}
Tel.: {data.tx_mask_telephone}
Fax: {data.tx_mask_fax}
Position: {data.tx_mask_position} .. figure:: ../Images/ContentelementsManual/Backendpreview.png :alt: Change the backend preview The backend preview reveals the content of the element Preview for content field types =============================== You can use a core ViewHelper to show an edit icon for every child element: .. code-block:: html Edit record
Preview image for a content element =================================== Besides setting a FontAwesome Icon for you content element, you can also provide a custom preview image. This can be done by placing a 32x32 pixel png image or svg graphic into the :ref:`specified` folder for preview images. The name of the image has to be the key of your element. For example my_element.png or my_element.svg. Ideally this should be a screenshot of your element or a nice icon. It will be shown in the new contentelement wizard and as the preview icon in the backend.