Frontend-Editing with the Organiser

Frontend-Editing with the Organiser. Here: Calendar

Frontend Editing

The Organiser Installer doesn’t init a sample for the frontend-editing.

If you like to use frontend-editing, you have to integrate it manually.


The Organiser has static include templates applicable for

  • jobs
  • organisers

If you like to configure the TypoScript for the frontend-editing of other Organiser tables or 3rd party extensions, please refer to 3rd party data

Powermail Workaround

There is no chance to override the partial web.html (all my trials were without success :( ).

For proper checkboxes you must replace the web.html-file:

Move from

  • EXT:browser/Resources/Private/View/TxPowermail/v3011000/Partials/PowermailAll/Web.html


  • Ext:powermail/Resources/Private/Partials/PowermailAll/Web.html

Backup the original Web.html as Web.orig.html.

Details in ChangeLog

If there is any need for more technical details please refer to ChangeLog: Feature #i0178/#t1004

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