The Organiser doesn’t manage the loacalisation overlay by itself.

It is managed by other extensions (see below).

Default (English)

The default language is english.

If the frontend is using another language and you want to switch to English, this is the workflow:

German:Remove the static templates with German language overlays. See the next section “German” below.
Other languages:
 Please remove the language settings, please use the constant editor. See the section “Any other language” below.

German (Deutsch)

The used extensions have a static template for German language in general. Here:

  • Caddy
  • Radial Search
  • Start

If you want to switch to German (Deutsch), please include these static templates.

Any other language

Please set the needed language overlay by the constant editor. See the categories of the extensions:

  • Caddy
  • Radial Search
  • Start