Static options for f:form.selectΒΆ

The ViewHelper provides a few cool options, for example optionValueField and optionLabelField. Using these makes it possible to access specific properties of an object and use them as the value or label within the generated options of a SELECT element.

These two properties, however, present an problem: they only work with objects. If the data structure is formed of an array, the following test within the ViewHelper will fail:

if (is_object($value)) {

These two properties are only processed within this 'if' statement. We could perhaps build our own mini-domain model with getter and setter methods to handle the label and value. But this is overkill. The better alternative is to make use of the PHP standard class stdClass.

* action list
* @return void
public function listAction() {
    $this->view->assign('categories', $this->getCategories());

* prepare categories for select box
* @return array
public function getCategories() {
    $categories = array();
    $entries = array('car', 'bike', 'train');
    foreach ($entries as $entry) {
        $category = new stdClass();
        $category->key = $entry;
        $category->value = LocalizationUtility::translate('category.' . $entry, 'myExtName');
        $categories[] = $category;
    return $categories;

You can now use the optionValueField and optionLabelField properties within your Fluid template as usual.

< name="category" options="{categories}" optionValueField="key" optionLabelField="value" />